A letterpress print of Anthora's inspiration. Buy a copy at Etsy.

A letterpress print of Anthora's inspiration. Buy a copy at Etsy.

What is Anthora?

Anthora is the design name for the iconic New York "Greek coffee cup". Created by Leslie Buck in 1963, the cup became an icon of New York for its decades-long service holding the beverage that makes the city run. It may hold a commodity product, but the notion embodied in its motto promises something more.

So why Anthora?

The initial inspiration for Anthora Holdings began in New York with a dash of milk in the eponymous cup gulped en route to the next deal. Leslie Buck identified a commodity market (hot beverages) and a design that would appeal to a niche customer (the then Greek-dominated diner owners). His Anthora design gives a commodity product a certain flair that isn't found in a bland white Styrofoam cup.

Anthora Holdings focuses on this "black coffee" real estate: multifamily and manufactured housing. These basic properties can easily be commoditized in the wrong hands. Anthora looks at the market, identifies openings, recognizes niches, and designs tailored services to meet those niches. It doesn't involve making over the property for a certain resident profile. Stabilization and repositioning requires competence and good service and an understanding of how to present those promises to fill unmet needs. Anthora doesn't focus on price, but starts with the idea that "We are happy to serve you," to begin transforming commodity real estate.