Park Plaza 1.jpg

This 100 year old building in downtown Worcester, MA suffered from an over-ambitious renovation plan that left many improvements half-finished and a resident base made up of petty drug dealers, prostitutes, plus a mix of voucher and other fixed-income residents. Its 90 residential units were 75% occupied at takeover and the 5 retail bays were 60% occupied.

While management worked with government agencies on code and law enforcement efforts to remove undesirable residents, many of the voucher and fixed-income residents were approached to help with the turnaround. Using the renewed interest in urban living, Anthora rebranded the building with a mix of historic images and up to date amenities, including free wireless and a "club room" in a retail bay. With a mix of existing residents, students at nearby colleges, and young health care professionals, property occupancy rose to 95% and all retail bays were filled.